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Address: Owner: Diamondmaster44 Last ping: 1 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 1 minutes ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.12.2
Website: http://www.easy-crafter.enjin.com

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Welcome to the new #1 Big Dig server, we are sponsored and hosted by ME! We welcome everyone to come and enjoy your stay on a supreme big dig server, I spend a lot of time on this server for YOU guys and I intend to continue to do so! This community is run by the community, not by it's supremacists, so come check us out, stay forever and ever! Minimal Banned Items Grief Prevention Custom Spawn Custom Plugin's Good Staff Essentials Vote Rewards Awesome Website AWESOME DONATOR KITS PVE ICBM Explosions Disabled Amazing Sponsorship Professionally Run State Of The Art Specs MUCH MORE! |Dedicated Server Specs| High capacity processors: Intel i7 8 CORE 16 THREAD 4,1 GHz+/4,3 GHz+ 64 GB DDR3ECC MEMORY Fast drives: 2x 200 GB SDD INTEL 400 GB/s DDOS Protection 1 Gb/s uplink [1000 MB/s] |Banned Items| - Dimensional Doors Mod - Explosives [ICBM INCLUDED] (SOME) - Safari Net [Single-Use] - Robit JOIN OUR WEBSITE FOR A FREE RANK


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