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Address: play.crystalskies.org Owner: CrystalSkies Last ping: 17 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 17 minutes ago Uptime this month: 98.7% Version: 1.13.2
Website: http://www.crystalskies.org/

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Welcome to Crystal Skies. I'll explain the rules of the server here and a bit about our plugins and why you should join our server! Our survival is a unique experience in comparison with other servers and single player. We pride ourselves on having a friendly array of players and staff as we are a community server which means that everyone knows each other and tends to work together to make Crystal Skies a good place to be. We currently have 11 ranks which you can earn using in-game money and a variety of ways to earn the money, and another 5 ranks which you can earn by just building! These ranks give you more homes, kits, extra permissions (even things like /fly) and more! Hope to see you on the server soon! -Crystal Skies Staff Team


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