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Ip: Chaos PvP is a factions pvp radiding server. We make it our priority to give you the best possible pvp experience that minecraft has to offer. Our Staff is both fair and friendly they will assist you in everyway possible, but they will not spawn you items or abuse other players. We are open to get new admins/mods into our staff! Chaos PvP accepts both new and veteran minecraft players. Join Today and claim ypur spot as the top faction Brief overview of the server: 24/7 Uptime with minimal lag Live player made auctions 50 slots (atm) Great Host No faction Chest Protection Stealing, griefing and scamming is allowded Incredible but fair Donator Packages Plugins: Factions Essentials Floaction Mcmmo Worldedit Worldborder Worldguard Chestshop Mobbounty Combatlog + More Our Website: The Staff: Owner: PornFlak3s Owner: Rinojini Head-Admin: Dizturbed90 Admin: Sindrebror Admin: Faceschnoogle Admin: Nat3Gr3at Mod: SirJimmyCakes


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