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Para jogar nos nossos servidores, use a versão 1.19+!

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Download our ResPack with 32x32 graphics, disc remixes and gun+ammo (instead of bow and arrow) and 128x version as well:

- Versions 1.19+
- Accepts OFFLINE account (Authentication when entering)
- clans
- McMMo
- ChestShops
- Weddings (TAG in chat: Love): You can have a house for a couple and give kisses
- Events: XP Rain every day at 11pm
- Auctions
- Bank for XP and Money deposits;
- Free area for construction (without PlotMe)
- Exclusive arenas for PVP (24hrs of PvP)
- VIPs with benefits from set P6 to spawners
- Creator: FabioZumbi12



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What is the Server IP for Area Z12 Brasil?

The IP for the Area Z12 Brasil is:

What Game modes can I play on Area Z12 Brasil?

On Area Z12 Brasil you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Area Z12 Brasil server support?

Area Z12 Brasil currently supports versions: §aPara jogar nos nossos servidores, use a versão 1.19+!