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..::Introduction::.. Flawless-Gaming is a gaming community that has recently taken his steps into Minecraft once again, we have experience in running a fair and stable Minecraft server, for the Minecraft part we have decided to start off with a Survival server, with a PVP aspect and also some Economical influences, the players are allowed to build anywhere in the world, but obviously the safest place would be their own Faction Territory, since you are not allowed to massgrief in their territories. We have a strong Adminstration team behind this project to answer all your questions and to assist you with your in-game problems! ..::Server Information::.. Server IP: Server location: Amsterdam, NL Server Plugins: Factions, McMMO, and many others! ..::Features::.. - 96 slots - 4096Mb RAM - Dynmap @ [url= ] [/url] - Forum @ http://4Eternity.biz/ - NO Hamachi or Cracked server, but a real host! - Monsters and Animals will spawn obviously! - Factions and McMMO for the ultimate Minecraft experience! - Active Staff/Community, we have reached +10 active players in less then a week! - No Whitelisting - CoreProtect, to protect our server from those nasty hardcore griefers! ..::Rules::.. - You are not allowed to use hacks/cheats/glitches - Not allowed to mass grief a faction base - Respect one another! - Use common sense, no racism, insulting, spamming, and so on. There are more rules listed in the server at Spawn or under the /rules command


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