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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here is why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic M
PLAYERS: 918/1000


Netherite is an innovative, qualitative, and unique Minecraft Network focused on the game modes SMP, Lifesteal, and Skyblock. The network strives towards prospering in every area of the Minecraft space. Our objective is to deliver the most enjoyable gaming experience.
PLAYERS: 1414/2024


Craftadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before! Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay. With every 3 votes on Craftadia, you'll be given a special vote key that you can use to unlock rare and exciting items! We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming, guilds and so muc
PLAYERS: 74/500

NO RULES! █ Vanilla █ Anarchy █ norules.mcffa.net

Raid! Grief! Steal! Kill! Build your own base! Blow up the spawn! Make traps! Form alliances! Build your own underground railroad! Do whatever the hell you want - this is COMPLETE ANARCHY. Just don't hack. Please. That's not cool. Connect to this IP: norules.mcffa.net
PLAYERS: 5/100

Betachy - [no rules] [survival] [anarchy] [1.5.2]

Betachy is a small minecraft server with no rules and a never ending world. The server has been online since may of 2019 and has since never been reset. It's a great place if you want to experience some nostalgia (or blow stuff up). The server also has a discord server: discord.gg/vjHsv8J Server ip: betachy.eu Be sure to use version 1.5.2 if you decide to connect to the server
PLAYERS: 1/420

4b4t [Anarchy] {PvP, Survival, Community}

4b4t is an Anarchy Server. This means that we bring a server with no rules with minimum gameplay changes, all while trying to be able to hold as many players online as possible with low amounts of lag. 4b4t was created with the hopes of being better than every other Anarchy server as there was a lack of playable servers, due to them often having unplayable lag. It was created to be the best Anarchy server that is more exciting, and lag-free. The server's map was reset as of June 22nd 2022 Vote
PLAYERS: 26/1000

5b5t.org Anarchy Server - 1.12 - 1.19 [Anarchy] [PvP] [Survival] [No Rules

5b5t.org Anarchy Server Like 2b2t Backward compatibility 1.19x, 1.18x, 1.17x, 1.16.x 1.15x, 1.14x, 1.13x, 1.12x, 1.11x NO RULES! MODS ALLOWED! [​Anarchy] [​PvP] [​Survival] [​No Rules] [​No Resets] [​No Bans] [​BEST CRYSTAL PvP SERVER] STACKED ITEMS DUPES Website: http://5b5t.org/ Discord: [url=discord.5b5t.org/ ]discord.5b5t.org/ [/url]5b5t Java Server IPs: 5b5t.org 5b5t.com 2b2t.network 2b2t.rocks 2b2tclones.com 2b2t.org.uk 420b69t.org Iceycraft.org xn--22-blc3e.org simpcraft.org simpcraf
PLAYERS: 14/100

Badcraft | Vanilla Anarchy

Badcraft is a Java & Bedrock vanilla anarchy Minecraft server, designed to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended. This means there are very few gameplay-alternating plugins, no teleportation, no player homes, and no pre-determined economy. Everything is left up to the players. Griefing and raiding are permitted and there are no grief-prevention methods. This world is yours to shape. On top of vanilla Minecraft, Here are a few features that make this server
PLAYERS: 13/50

Farlands SMP

Welcome to Farlands SMP A hermitcraft-inspired Minecraft server Vanilla Minecraft You want to get the full Minecraft experience or you have been tired by servers not running your farms? This is the place, where all vanilla farms and mechanics will work. We use a fabric based server that does not modify the vanilla gameplay at all. That also means, that we don't have any teleport mechanics. Just use the nether roof to your advantage. Just have fun Have you ever been annoyed by rules like "N


endcrystal.me is a brand new 1.12.2 anarchy server with no rules, no queue, and high performance. - Average 15-20 TPS - 10 render distance - Hacked clients are encouraged - Griefing is allowed - All major hacks are enabled. - Unrestricted use of elytra+ - Unrestricted use of entity speed - Donkey duping is unpatched - Forwards compatibility. Join with any client 1.12.2 -> 1.15.2 - Worldborder of 30 Million - Real anarchy, no bans, no commands, and no donator ranks. - Discord server that is r
PLAYERS: 3/250


Welcome to Aether Anarchy, a modded Minecraft server where chaos reigns supreme in a world featuring a custom dimension known as the Aether. Immerse yourself in an anarchy server like no other, offering a unique twist to the traditional Minecraft experience. With a rich legacy, Aether Anarchy has seen the rise and fall of countless adventurers over its almost two years of existence. No rules, no limits: AetherAnarchy embraces the true essence of anarchy, providing a server with no unnecessary r


This is a pure vanilla anarchy RLcraft server. There are no rules, and no plug-ins. Enjoy unlimited freedom on RLAnarchy today. Discord: https://discord.gg/Hs5WktT6k


No rules, its basically an anarchy so go hack or something.


You find yourself alone in a random location. You're not sure if anyone you meet is trustworthy. Somewhere distant there are safe havens with farms, but it's not clear if they will stand for long. There are ruins where people tried to bring about order many times before. There are many paths to choose. Bring hope to the world. Become the strongest warlord the world has ever seen. Create order or sow chaos, the choice is yours. Mineman is a mostly vanilla server where griefing, raiding and PvP

Morphcraft Medieval Anarchy [FABRIC]

Do you have what it takes to survive? In this server, there are NO RULES. It is pure, raw survival at its core. Let it mold you into an absolute legend! Build a monumental civilization with deep connections and lore, or wage intensive war campaigns and carve a swath through your enemies! Or you can just build, grief, do whatever you want! That's the beauty of anarchy. Enjoy! The mod this server uses is Medieval MC [FABRIC] 1.19.2 on CurseForge. IP Address:

hajilE's 100% Vanilla Server

Brand new 100% Vanilla server. I am kind of treating this like a social experiment to see how the server will go if there are no rules except for cheating. Maybe friendships will form, or civilizations will be built. Most likely just anarchy though.


Games3D is a vanilla Minecraft 1.20.1 anarchy server in Germany. The server does not have rules, zero admins and no plugins. Here you can play the latest version of minecraft with you friends or alone. Hop on to the Games3d anarchy server and fight for your survival and against players. Server IP: games3d.net
PLAYERS: 0/420


no rules, do what u want. so i dont care, just join and do what u want. this is a no rules anarchy server. so yeah please join lol :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>