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Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best:
...аnd so much more!
So what are you waiting for? Join Today! :D

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Players: 480/1000
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Minecraft Floating Islands Servers

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The Official SkyWars server that started it all!
Battle players upon floating islands and be the last man standing!

SkyWars IP: skywars.com
Skyblock IP: skyblock.net

- Playable on 1.8 - 1.17!
- First and original server released in August of 2013.
- Apart of the Official Skyblock server network.
- Custom and unique SkyWars plugin.
- Over 1,000,000 unique players joined.
- Custom items and Skybuck currency that enhance gameplay.
- Dozens of maps to play on.
- FFA - Quick 8 player games.
- 1v1 - Battle a single player and stake money.

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Players: 131/750
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▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█ CubeKrowd Network █▇▆▅▄▃▂▁
CubeKrowd is a energetic Minecraft community with everything from MissileWars to RocketRiders to SkyBlock and Creative.
The server is a combination between JL2579's old fanserver and Cubehamster's old fanserver to form ZipKrowd fanserver that have now merged into one big community server... More players, more friends, and more fun!!
-=- Current servers and games we have! -=-
(To get to them from our lobby, type the server-name /<server>)
Missile Wars
MissileWars is a TNT/TEAM-PVP game created by CubeHamster and SethBling. In this game, you play the role of a missile engineer-pilot: launch, ride, defuse, restart, and destroy missiles to destroy the other team's portal while keeping yours intact! CubeKrowd not only hosted the original MissileWars server while it was in the development/creation stages but also we're the first server ever to host it to the public.
On CubeKrowd, use /mw to visit the MissileWars lobby, from where you can select the MW game format of your choice.
More info about this game can be found on the MissileWars map page here on PMC.
Rocket Riders
Rocket Riders is a reimagination of SethBling and Cubehamster's Missile Wars, featuring all new missiles, utility items, custom achievements, challenging gamemodes and modifiers, and tons more ways to customize your gameplay!
On CubeKrowd, use /gl to visit the Game Lobby, from where you can select the RR game format of your choice.
More info on the game can be found on the RocketRiders map page here on PMC.
Backstabbed! is a Minecraft murder mystery minigame by Bagel Buddies that aims to reimagine the PlayMCM version of Murder Mystery with their own little tweaks to modernize the game and just make things more enjoyable all around.
On CubeKrowd, use /bs1 or /bs2 to join Backstabbed!
More info about this game can be found on the Backstabbed! map page here on PMC.
Crafty Cannoneers
Crafty Cannoneers is a game by Zeronia where 2 teams of Pirates are having a big battle, with their goal being to completely destroy the enemy team's ship as quickly as possible. They can do this by firing off a wide variety of Cannonballs using the Cannons found on their ships.
On CubeKrowd, use /cc1 or /cc2 to join Crafty Cannoneers!
Check out the trailer for more info, or visit the Crafty Cannoneers page here on PMC.
IceRunner is a fast-paced, CTF-styled minigame. Shoot ice trails to get to the flag, punch others off their ice, and capture the floating bases! This is a true example of ZipKrowd putting their style on something, in this case spleef, and turning it into something awesome! CubeKrowd is THE only Official IceRunner host where you can not only have fun with the game but also enjoy the latest updates FIRST.
On CubeKrowd, use /ir to play IceRunner.
More info can be found here: Video
CubeKrowd's SkyBlock server leaves you on a tiny island in the sky with limited resources. Can you survive, or will you thrive? Our skyblock has unique custom challenges and a massive building area and Greenhouses, race against your friends in completing the challenges and get to the top 10 islands to claim your victory as #1 best scoring island!
On CubeKrowd, use /sb to play Skyblock.
Since the very beginning, one of the cornerstones of CubeKrowd has been the creative plot world. Here, you can show off your skills and passion for Redstone or Creative building! Not too good at that? Learn from others as we transform flat plots into works of art. View showcased plots and learn how they do it with Builders helping you gather new skills with occasional Build Battles. A friendly community is always there to assist you in developing new skills and love for building. We also have a Free Build land where some of the largest builds are located for some of the players. Earn ranks by building and showcasing your works to staff! Creative has multiple tools to help make building easier, such as access to WorldEdit, saving custom inventories in Kits, and more!
On CubeKrowd, use /cr to join the creative server.
Periodic build competitions allow you to compete with the rest of the server in a chosen theme to win amazing prizes such as pets! Here, everyone is playing fairly and no one has an unfair advantage. You are allocated a protected building area and given 48 hours to complete your build. Experienced builders then judge the plots fairly. Winners' plots are showcased in the center of the world!
On CubeKrowd, use /bc to visit the build competition server.
CubeKrowd's survival is a safe haven protected for Members and above to play like they do on Hermitcraft, featuring huge farms and amazing builds all put together by the community for everyone to enjoy! We have no plugins to spoil the real vanilla feeling. Our Survival showcases some of the best skills our community has. We have friendly farms and help to get people started and loads of people who are committed to participating in giant community projects! Get stuck in today.
See our YouTube page for videos of past survival worlds.
On CubeKrowd, use /su or /su2 to visit the survival servers.
One of the first games created on the original JL2579.net server returns! Fishslap is a fun and exciting game where you can slap others off the map with a fish with a few extra tools to further enhance it. This game was hugely popular in the old days and is still a favorite in the present day. All our maps are custom built by our community and the CubeKrowd build team!
On CubeKrowd, use /fs to play fishslap.
You find yourself stuck in a mine on unstoppable minecarts! Jump between carts and activate contraptions in this new lobby minigame to avoid a certain death and discover a mystery at the bottom of the cave! CubeKarts is an all-new original mini-game addition to the CubeKrowd lobby, introduced in the 1.16.2 update! CubeKrowd is THE only Official CubeKart host where you can have fun with the game.
More info can be found here: CubeKart Video
On CubeKrowd, click the navigator (compass) and then the minecart to play CubeKarts.
Around CubeKrowd's lobbies, you can find timed parkour courses with all-time and weekly records. Can you beat the best time?
On CubeKrowd, click the navigator (compass) and then the boots to play parkour.
Droppers and Bouncers
You fall into a deep pit in search of adventure. Can you make it to the bottom in one piece?
On CubeKrowd, click the navigator and then the cobweb to play a dropper, or the slime ball to play a bouncer.
CubeKrowd host several UHC events thought the year with our own custom plugin. Our UHC is open to all players. Postings and sign-up are announced on our Discord.
Seasonal Games
During many of the holidays we have special seasonal lobby and server games. Keep in touch on our Discord for announcements of when these season games come available.
Snowy Skirmish
Snowy Skirmish is a holiday-themed quick and fun snowball fight minigame where players need to collect Giftboxes or knock opponents off the map to gain points for their team. Snowy Skirmish has simple yet engaging gameplay with different ways of collecting points for your team and lots of fun unique powerup items used to harm your enemies or assist your team.
On CubeKrowd, use /ss1 to play Snowy Skirmish.
More info about this game can be found on the Snowy Skirmish map page here on PMC.
-=- Social Media -=-
(Be sure to follow us on social media for news/updates)
Official Blog
For further information about the server, hope on and play @ play.cubekrowd.net

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Players: 9/2579
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Minecraft 1.19.2 Vanilla Server - (CrimsonSkylands Legacy)

Minecraft 1.19.2 Vanilla Server - (CrimsonSkylands Legacy)

CrimsonSkylands may be lost to the past however, if you fancy playing 1.19.2 Vanilla Minecraft you can connect to:
The server currently has some Essentials commands available and mcMMO. Hosted 24/7.
***Below is legacy content from 1.8.9 CrimsonSkylands***
Welcome to
Airships - Factions - Skylands
Looking for a server that is so unique, it is like no other?
Build your very own airship and explore the vast skylands, alone or with friends.
Build your reputation with a big ship and strike fear into your enemies.
Team up with friends or join a powerful faction.
Be a fearless rogue, lurking in the depths of the void,
Or a majestic and powerful faction leader.
Fight in intense battles for control over floating islands and ships.
The skylands is out there... waiting for you to leave your mark.
This is a unique server that is one of a kind
We keep survival important, no /tpa or /sethome (Use your airships to travel!)
But don't worry you can set your spawn in a bed!
Fully custom airships, that you build entirely
Hardcore pvp
Mob Arena
Experienced staff team
Everybody is welcome, young or old
Community based website
Zero-tolerance for hacked clients
Donation support helps the server become more powerful and smoother
What are you waiting for?!
Now with MobArena!

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SkyPrison | 1.17-1.19.3

SkyPrison  | 1.17-1.19.3

SkyPrison is a prison located hundreds of feet above civilization. This prison consists of several floating islands which you can unlock by ranking up. Rank up by earning money and completing tasks on each island. As you make your way to freedom you may meet some not-so-friendly prisoners. Luckily, guards are there for your protection as long as you obey the prison laws. Fly high with SkyPrison today!
But wait there’s more.
SkyPrison also offers other games to enjoy within the server like paintball, mob arena, parkour, and more to come! From time to time staff will host events such as SkyPvp, Tnt Spleef, Lavarun, and more original games from which you can earn rewards to advance your rank.
* PVP, Events, Easter Egg Secrets, and Giveaways!
* McMMO, Crates, Cars, Custom Recipes, Chat Games, and more!
Visit https://www.skyprison.net/ for forums, rules, and more information!
Join our Discord community today! https://skyprison.net/discord

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Players: 3/100
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HappyDiggers MC

HappyDiggers MC

HappyDiggers MC has jetpacks, several worlds with different gameplay to choose from, a custom pre-generated spawn world with floating islands and custom world gen in regular gameplay worlds.
We have a very simple rule for this server: respect the staff and other players. This helps keeps unfriendly people out and makes it a nice place to be.
Server intro:
Server commands:

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Players: 3/20
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Welcome to RubyCraft!
Upon entering the Lobby, you will see a hub of magical floating islands that contain portals to the many Worlds of RubyCraft. These gateways will take you to survival, hardcore, PvP, mini-games, and creative servers.

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Players: 1/100
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Welcome to ShadowRealm!
We are an up and coming minecraft community looking for a build team! Join our server and show us your building and design skills! Currently we're looking to build a hub, multiple spawns, and more!
The server is currently a creative plot world with a plot size of 64x64, and each player can own up to (4) plots. Select your plots, come up with a design, and show us what you've got! Our thoughts are as follows, however if you have a better idea, build it and show us, as we're open to suggestions!
Theme ideas:
Hub: Interconnected floating islands, pedestal type warps between servers
Factions spawn: Medieval themed, large dropoff to prevent re-entry after leaving spawn into warzone
Creative spawn: Be Creative!
Survival spawn: Castle/town themed, with shop areas
Any other ideas are greatly appreciated!
Team decisions will be made on a later date- stay tuned for more info!
Have fun!

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Players: 2/5 file_copy

Turtlecraft 1.19.3 [SMP] {Simp

Turtlecraft 1.19.3 [SMP]     {Simp

Original Launch Date: December 27, 1pm EST
Server IP: turtlecraft.io
Turtlecraft Official Trailer: Here
Discord Server: Join
Server Dynmap: Here
Welcome to Turtlecraft, which offers multiplayer fun for everyone! Feel free to hang out on this SMP and build, explore, socialize, and generally just have a good time! This server has no whitelist, either, so as long as you agree to follow the rules, you and any friends or family members are welcome to join the game and write your own legend!
- A beautiful floating islands spawn with lots of easter eggs to find, parkour to try out, and tributes to past Turtlecraft worlds!
- GriefPrevention to claim land, CoreProtect to monitor player activity, and Vulcan to get rid of trouble-makers!
- A 15,000 x 15,000 block map, all pre-rendered with Dynmap so you can see where your friends are and plan where to adventure next!
- DiscordSRV, so you can stay connected with people on the server via #chat-log even when you're not in-game!
- Custom resource pack that keeps the vanilla-style textures while also fixing broken/out-of-place ones and refreshing a few to give them a polished look, as well as offering all four seasons in 4 different packs! (Download the resource packs here.)
- No whitelist, meaning anyone can join at any time without having to apply!
- An efficient system for getting rid of trouble-makers (first strike is a warning, second strike is a ban).
1.) Be respectful and civilized (in Discord and in-game).
2.) Use common courtesy in-game and don't cheat/exploit the game or other players in any way.
3.) No prohibited content.
4.) Follow Discord's TOS and Community Guidelines.
5.) No spamming (unless you're in #spam).
6.) No advertising.
7.) Stay on-topic.
These rules are elaborated upon both in our Discord server's #rules channel and in an in-game Rulebook you receive upon joining.
Come say hi and vibe with us on the Discord server and in-game!

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Players: 2/30
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Realm of Lothiredon - Skyblock/Creative/Survival/Spleef/KitPvP!

Realm of Lothiredon - Skyblock/Creative/Survival/Spleef/KitPvP!

Hi!Join our server please <3
Update #2! We have released a new hub, and Spleef! That's right people, Emballina pushed out the new hub yesterday! We now have a fully-fletched, gigantic floating island with multiple islands connected to it. The hub is absolutely packed with secrets, cosmetics, and oh, Spleef! We released a spleef-plugin, just like the oldschool one!
Update! KitPvP is now ready to play on our server! Do you like playing KitPvP? Then come along and play with us! <br>You can see all the arenas here: http://imgur.com/a/tfzwV
Are you looking for a creative plot server with nice people, plots and much more? Search no longer and join our server! To be a little different we have introduced some fun ranks to work through. You will start off with the rank Crayon, and you will get access to 60x60 plots, and creative. When you rank up to your next rank – Pencil - you will get access to 70x70 plots, creative and basic World-editing! When you rank up once again to the rank Paintbrush, you will gain access to 100x100 plots, creative and advanced World-editing. And at last, when you rank up for the final time to the rank Airbrush, you will get 130x130 plots, creative and almost all World-editing. When you receive this rank, you will most likely be promoted to Builder soon anyways if you want to.
We are working on something else too! The actual purpose of this server is that we are developing a massive RPG in Minecraft. Half a year of work has been done already, but we thought it was about time to open the server for people to have a good time, and inmediately spot potential builders too. The creative part wont close when the RPG opens its doors, don't worry. But for now, we can only give out sneakpeeks! Make sure to check our profile to look at our work so far!
We hope to see you soon on our server!

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Players: 3/100
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Minecraft Server Australia Test Server

The Minecraft Server Australia Test Server is a friendly survival server with a fun and active community.
It is a place where you can come to play minecraft with your friends, by yourself or make new friends. We are always happy to see new players join the community, whether you are from Australia, or overseas, all rule obeying players are welcome.
Main World - A survival world where PVP, Griefing and stealing are banned so players can play together or on there own without being bothered by other players.
Minigames - such as Gungame, Crackshot and Flyingcars.
Minigames2 - Our second minigames world with over a dozen different minigames for you and your friends to play with more and more being added all the time!!
Skyland - An infinite world of floating islands for you to build on and explore.
Plotz - A creative plot world where you can build whatever you can think of within your own protected plot.
PVP - Just like the main world, only you can Grief, Kill and steal to your hearts desire. Although all other rules such as no hacking or swearing still apply in this world.
This is a list of the main worlds, we are always trying out new worlds for the players to enjoy.
Play survival or explore the infinite main world.
Play in the 2 minigame worlds by yourself or with friends.
Explore the infinite skyworld.
Play in the PVP world and destroy, kill and grief all you want.
Buy and Sell at the Markets. Build whatever you can think of in your own protected, private plot using the creati

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A 'no-hand holding' survival server where all the magic happens
Go exploring in a land of floating island biomes to experience the familiar lands and colorful caves of Minecraft like never before, create clans and rule regions of the world. Nether and End biomes correctly spawning creatures in the overworld.
*MCMMO for a more fulfilling survival experience
*Chestshops - setup your own shop!
*Bskyblock and Acid island worlds in the works
*Grief Protection and multi-home support
-testing custom animals and mobs
-creating custom skyblock islands
Come and play while I ham-fist my way through learning how to operate a server

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