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Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best:
...аnd so much more!
So what are you waiting for? Join Today! :D

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Players: 480/1000
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Minecraft Beyond Servers

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望 Beyond | 1.16-1.19+

望 Beyond | 1.16-1.19+

望 Beyond | 1.16-1.19+
• Custom KitPvP
• KitFFA
• Owner Saltyy 80k subs
• Friendly Minecraft community
• Many giveaways
Welcome to our Minecraft PvP server, located in the EU region! We offer a variety of gameplay modes to suit all skill levels, including custom KitPvP, Custom Duels, KitFFA, and minigames. Our server is the perfect place for players looking to test their skills and have a good time.
But we don't just stop there. Our server is constantly updated with new features and improvements to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. And if you want to connect with other players and stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings, be sure to join our active Discord server where our community comes together to chat, organize matches, and participate in giveaways.
Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the world of Minecraft PvP, we've got something for you. Our server is well-maintained and staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, ensuring that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. So come join us and let the battles begin!
Discord server to stay up to date with the latest updates, announcements, and event plans on beyondpvp.net!
Minecraft IP - beyondpvp.net
Website - beyondpvp.net
Not only this, you can connect with our growing community and get to know more players!

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Players: 51/1000
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Create Above and Beyond

Welcome to Oddworld!
We are a public Minecraft server running Create Above and Beyond.
Come join our community of creative players and have fun building your own factory!
Server has high-end specs and has dedicated hosting in New York, USA.
- Time-based ranks
- Multiple Homes
- Quick-access enderchest
- Discord chat integration
- Automated Restarts & Backups
- Custom Spawn
- Active Support

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Players: 4/30
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The Great Beyond Dawncraft

The Great Beyond Dawncraft

Explore the exciting world of DawnCraft and enormous modpack packed with adventure, bosses and RPG elements!
Discover dozens of new bosses, each with their own unique attack patterns and animations. Face off against hundreds of new animals and monsters, and explore hundreds of new structures that are unlike anything we've seen before.
Complete a huge sprawling quest line with unique reputation system that allows us to build relationships with various factions.
To make it through this adventure, you'll need to employ a Souls-like combat system that requires us to utilize our Minecraft skills to defeat our foes. But with each challenge we overcome, we'll become stronger and better prepared for the next one.
So, if you're ready for an epic adventure enter The Great Beyond!

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Beyond Bedrock Network [SMP] {Java 1.19} {No Resets}

Beyond Bedrock Network [SMP]  {Java 1.19} {No Resets}

▬ Welcome to the Beyond Bedrock Network ▬
Beyond Bedrock is a 1.19 Java Edition adult Minecraft server. As a community, not only are we players, but we are also friends who like to spend time with each other, even outside of Minecraft. We have a networked server with Survival and Skyblock modes, and soon we will be adding a Creative and Event world (Please note due to the recent update some of the game mechanics may not be fully functional until they have been updated).
We are a No Reset server - instead we expand upon the current world with each update.
Live Map
The live map uncovers as players explore new terrain: map.beyondbedrock.com
Game Mechanics
Here are some of the quality of life changes we have made:
✨ Players have the ability to send teleport requests to other players, and set homes.
✨ Day Time cycle increased from 10 to 20 minutes. Night time cannot be skipped via beds.
✨ LWC Chest Protection & Chest Sorting (Unprotected chests do not warrant theft).
✨ Vein Mining & Tree felling.
✨ mcMMO - 25% XP reduction for a challenge.
✨ Phantoms are disabled - Bats drop Membranes.
✨ Creepers, Enderman, Ghasts, cannot pick up/damage blocks.
✨ Dragon drops Elytra & Mobs have a chance to drop their heads.
✨ Shulkers drop 2x shell.
✨ Pet Protection - Pets cannot be harmed by players.
✨ Lightning Fire Spread is disabled.
✨ Replant crops automatically with hoe tool.
✨ Sponge blocks/Saddles can be crafted, sandstone can turn back to sand.
✨ Players can create invisible item frames.
✨ Faster Minecart system - Redstone blocks under powered rails.
✨ Player trading Shopkeeper system.
✨ Additional Advancements - Can be viewed in Advancement Tab.
We do have some rules we require players to follow.
👉 We are an English speaking server, please speak English in public chats.
👉 No griefing or stealing.
👉 No harassment in chat of any kind.
👉 Avoid being inappropriate in chat, most notably sexual comments, and media.
👉 PVP is allowed, however, you must gain the consent of the member who you plan to PVP with.
👉 No Cheating of any means to give an unfair advantage (Duplicating, X-Ray resource packs, map modification mods, obtaining seed, scripts of any kind, flying, ...).
Server Information
Server IP: mc.beyondbedrock.com
Website: [​b=false]https://info.beyondbedrock.com/[​/b]
Want to join us?
To apply OR find out more about us, join our [​Discord here]
We look forward to playing with you!

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Players: 2/20
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The Great Beyond Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla

The Great Beyond Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla

The Great Beyond is a relaxed Valhelsia Enchanced Vanilla server packed with mods that improve the vanilla minecraft experience and encourages you to explore and create. Your abilities evolve through a system of skills and levels (a bit like an RPG), adding a new challenge to the early game and giving clear objectives to work towards as you play. At the outset of the adventure, you start with just 3 hearts and 3 points to assign to skills. As you level different skills you will unlock new weapons, armor, tools, and will be able to work with different mods, giving you access to new technologies and magic.
Beyond the small spawn, the server is yours to explore, build upon and conquer.

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Players: 2/50
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Beyond Insanity Survival

฿ɆɎØ₦Đ ł₦₴₳₦ł₮Ɏ ₴ɄⱤVłV₳Ⱡ
Have you ever been one of those people that always thought Minecraft was easy? Just survive, build cool stuff and beat the ender dragon? Or do you love a challenge, and want one in Minecraft? HOGWASH. Gone will the times be that were easy in Minecraft.
Become a part of the hardest server to ever hit the server listings, and you are sure to be given a new challenge to spice up your survival a little (teehee!).
Food is usually plentiful on most servers.
Hostile mobs on every other server are like playing on peaceful compared to the ones found on BIS.
Normally, you don’t require water to survive in Minecraft. Not anymore broski, lol.
It's gonna get a little windy when you join, by the way.
You see those trees and plants over there? Yeah, me neither.
It's gonna get hot during the day and chilly at night, you better bring a blanket and lots of water...
Hidden recipes will aid you in your survival, if you’re keen enough to find them.
That's enough details for now. What's that? You wanna know more? That sucks, don't it?
Nah, I'm kidding. I wouldn't do you like that.
Join the Discord!

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TumbleweedMC - ManHunt - SMP - KitPVP

Newly launched network featuring survival prison hybrid and ManHunt!
Public and Private /Party modes for manhunting!
1.8 - 1.19+ Java, with crossplay support - Bedrock.TumbleweedMC.com
- Survival (Prison Hybrid)
- Manhunt (YouTube)
- SlimeFun Survival
- Kitpvp (with guns)
- MCWildWest
- Skyblock (coming soon)
Survival world with Custom plugins plus McMMO and custom Landclaims. Prison server features such as the server mines & rankup perks.
Beyond the survival gamemode, we also have an RPG gun gamemode inspired by RDR2 & GTA Online. We also have other gamemodes such as Skyblock and KitPVP in development and releasing soon! Seeya there!

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Players: 38/2022
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✅ Peaceful Vanilla Club 李 [Farlands] [Java Edition] [Pocket Bedrock Edition

✅ Peaceful Vanilla Club 李 [Farlands] [Java Edition] [Pocket Bedrock Edition

Peaceful Vanilla Club
→ mc.peacefulvanilla.club ←For Java (PC) Players
→ bedrock.peacefulvanilla.club ←For Bedrock (PE/Console) Players
NO WARPS OR /TPANO PVP (Only in PvP Arenas)NO Map ResetsNO HUB/NetworkNO Pay-to-win or VIPSince June 2019 - 24/7Semi-vanilla (improved vanilla)Java Edition & Crossplay Pocket Edition (Bedrock)FarlandsEasy to Use Land Claim BlocksMature & Active Players and StaffPeaceful and Friendly CommunityLots of improvements (decorative heads, sit, unstuck, unions, events, deathchests, much more ...)Player managed economy (create shop, sell, buy items)LGBTQ+ Friendly
1.18.X | Enjoy a peaceful vanilla experience, with no grief, no pay to win ranks and no PvP outside arenas. Play like you do on single player, but with friends! With no worries. LGBTQ+ Friendly Minecraft Server.
The server is based on Java Edition but you can play with Bedrock Edition too! This means you can play with MCPE (Pocket Editon) on iOS and Android smartphones. Of course, you can (and should) play also with the good old Java Edition.
Peaceful Vanilla Club is a semi-vanilla virtual reality (VR) friendly server. We officially support the Vivecraft VR mod for Minecraft Java Edition, but the official Minecraft VR version for Oculus works very well too!
→ To play on Java Edition: mc.peacefulvanilla.club
→ To play on Bedrock (Pocket): bedrock.peacefulvanilla.club (default port)
✅ A Minecraft server where you Claim Land Placing a Protection Stone.
On this Minecraft server you can claim/protect your builds placing a magic block. Then you can invite your friends and make plots for them! Build an Home, a Base or a Village! You will get your first claim block at 30 minutes of playtime. Then you can buy them at the spawn. You will be also able to Rent, Sell or Buy claims!
✅ A Minecraft server without /tp, teleportation or warps.
This is part of the vanilla feel. This Minecraft semi-vanilla server comes without /warp or /tp /spawn or /tpa so that you will have to travel using the transportation system that admins and players built over time! You can find stations in the dynamic map. You will discover many interesting places to visit! This is a server with no telportation, with no tp or warp.
✅ A Minecraft server where you can build your own shop!
Buy a villager egg at the spawn shop and then set up your own shop! Start selling your items at the player stalls in the spawn, or set up a real shop in the plots at Cobbletown, the official spawn town. Want to be free? No problems, on this Minecraft server you can set up your own shop where and how you want!
✅ A Minecraft server with Farlands!
Peaceful Vanilla Club is a Minecraft server where you can find the Farlands. We generate a "ring" of Farlands around the map every 365 days, as a memorial of the past year. The ring has a width of 10/30 chunks, and beyond it, after the map gets expanded, you will be able to find newly generated terrain. Our plans are to change terrain generator every time we spawn Farlands in the map, thus creating an unique world!
✅ A Minecraft server that is much, much more than that.
PVC is not just a vanilla server. It's more. We love to constantly improve and polish vanilla Minecraft, without altering it's main aspects. You won't find any command to teleport such as /tp or /warp or /tpa: but you will find nice additions such as better sleeping, decorative /heads, the ability to /sit, and much, much more! Come and play to see!
Dynamic map to see claims, portals and places to visit: map.peacefulvanilla.club
Discord server for chat, purposes and hack reports: discord.peacefulvanilla.club

0 Votes
Players: 33/30
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Gamers React minecraft

We will be featuring a great community, amazing builds, awesome adventures and soo many opportunities for fun!

Want to play Survival?
You Got It!

Want to play SkyBlock or Oneblock?
You Got It!

What else can we do?
Super glad you asked; Tired of the same old 1.8 minecraft with no colors, no design potential, well at Gamers React we offer huge multiplayer worlds, hosted on on the best hardware featuring all the new blocks from 1.16, 1.17 and beyond. Want a blackstone piglin infested house. No problem! Want some weathered copper on your roof. Yea you can have that too!

Go watch Gamers React on YouTube and we will see you soon. We will be featuring clips obtained on the server on the main YouTube Channel.

0 Votes
Players: 15/1999
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DemocracyCraft (1.19) City RP - Democracy - Guns - Elections - Government -

DemocracyCraft (1.19) City RP - Democracy - Guns - Elections - Government -

DEMOCRACYCRAFT is a Minecraft City Roleplay server focused on the player's ability to create, amend, and remove the rules and laws that govern them.
Play in an urban city environment, or beyond in the depths of the wild.
The server boasts cars, helicopters, a democratically elected government, businesses, economy, among other realistic, life-like features!
IP: play.democracycraft.net
Bedrock (beta)
IP: play.democracycraft.net
Port: 19132 (default)

0 Votes
Players: 11/200
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ShadowNode Modded Game Servers

Beyond: beyond.shadownode.ca
SkyFactory 3 Server A: skyfactorya.shadownode.ca
SkyFactory 3 Server B: skyfactoryb.shadownode.ca
Age of Engineering: aoe.shadownode.ca
Resonant Rise 4: rr4.shadownode.ca
Direwolf20 1.10: direwolf.shadownode.ca
Infinity Lite 1.10: infinity.shadownode.ca
Hermitpack: hermitpack.shadownode.ca
Vanilla 1.12.1: vanilla.shadownode.ca
- Custom vote system and tokenshop.
- Very minimal lag.
- Friendly and very helpful staff.

0 Votes
Players: 10/500
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DupeTable is a survival dupe server with no resets and no rules when it comes to giefing.
DupeTable first started on minehut then we decided to move beyond minehut

0 Votes
Players: 7/100
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MageBlox is a magic themed server modpack that includes several new dimensions, and thousands of new items to enjoy. Go beyond the reaches of vanilla Minecraft and immerse yourself in a new experience. We have a carefully curated selection of mods and a welcoming community. Give MageBlox a chance!

0 Votes
Players: 5/125
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United Lands

United Lands is a Towny-based Earth SMP that integrates peace, war, economies and events thanks to our unique mechanics.
We are a friendly server with an active Discord and community as well as a helpful staff team.
Our Earth map is on a 1:500 scale that goes alongside a Resource world, Nether and End. These last three worlds reset at the end of each month.
Settle a town with your friends or brave it alone with Towny - develop your lands into thriving nations and empires that span the globe.
In addition to this, we often hold events on our Discord and on the Minecraft server itself which are always looked forward to by our players. Discord events can contain games nights and watch-alongs, whereas our in game events can include skin contests, minigame events or server-wide mechanic changes in limited time events.
You can progress in-game to a powerful position with our in game perks menu where you can buy additional abilities and privileges with the money earned from our balanced jobs, trade, and war system. Strictly cosmetic donator perks are also available on our website to those who want to show off a bit more.
The server is constantly changing and updating for the better with changelogs coming out almost weekly containing new fixes and plugins.
Custom items like you've never seen them before! Food, tools, and blocks that offer completely new gameplay experiences beyond just more opti

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Players: 5/500
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TrekCraft | Star Trek & Star Wars Megabuilds in Minecraft

TrekCraft | Star Trek & Star Wars Megabuilds in Minecraft

Welcome to the TrekCraft Server!
Who we are, and what we do
~We are a Minecraft creative megabuild server which primarily builds starships from the Star Trek and Star Wars universe's. Our server features ships like the USS Enteprise-D (ST:TNG), USS Voyager (ST:Voyager), The JJ-Enterprise (ST 2009, Into Darkness, and Beyond), The Venator Class (Clone Wars Era), and the Tantive IV (Rebels, A New Hope, etc.).
These builds are all faithfully recreated above a 1:1 scale. This means our builds can feature the highest level of detail and fidelity. We also use a custom modpack and resource pack to be able to have over 1000+ custom textures to build with.
How you can visit the server
~The TrekCraft server is currently running on Minecraft version 1.16.5 w/ Forge v36.4.34. To join you will need to have our custom modpack, and resource pack to be able to join and view the entire server. This can be found by going to our Discord, in #general-chat. Once you have this you can join the server by using our IP, trekcraft.org to connect.
You can also join our Discord server where all of our team hangs out. Here you can also find links for how to join, how to build with us and more!
Can I build?
~Yes you can! If you think you've got what it takes and wanna join us as we build out these ships, or even have a project idea of your own you can check out the #apprentice-application channel on our Discord. This will give you everything you need to get setup.

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Players: 2/20
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