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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 630/1000


Welcome to Jurassic! We're your home for the latest Minecraft experience. Looking for a 1.16.4 server? You've found one, hop on! We strive to provide a lagless experience, unlike other networks experience. We currently offer a Survival Server, as well as a Skyblock server. Hope to see you online! IP: pmc.jurassicmc.net Website: www.jurassicmc.net Discord: www.jurassicmc.net/discord Store: shop.jurassicmc.net **PS: USE CODE MCPMC FOR FREE STEGOSAURUS OR SLOTH RANK**
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PLAYERS: 541/5000


AnarchyMC Welcome to a new 1.16.4 anarchy server! Brand new! If you can do it your allowed to unless its causing intentional lag or attacking the machine No world resets EVER! IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/P9Dv3Zj6X9
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Skyland [1.8.8 - 1.16.4]

"You start on a tiny island with almost nothing and quickly start unlocking and collecting resources, expand their island, combat monsters, then create farms, and explore all their options." Skyland is a Skyblock server that is made up by tons of premium and custom plugins! The server also offers giveaways to voters in our discord server. We will be looking forward to seeing you! IP: play.skyland.gg Version: Minecraft Java 1.8.8 - 1.16.4 Discord server: discord.gg/vrKmqFUbRw Join our discord ser
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PLAYERS: 0/123

Bedstemors Verden 1.18.1

Bedstemors Verden, or just BV, is danish and means granny's world. We are a small community with a couple of servers: - Classic: The oldest server of BV, version 1.12.2. It is a SMP-server and the world won't be changed. - Nowadays: A newer SMP-server with a couple of plugins and home-wrote datapacks. We will try to keep the server up-to- date. The current version is 1.16.4 - Vanilla Quadrant: This server is entirely vanilla (Except one hub-related plugin), and is ran by home-wrote datapa
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Hello everyone! so about a week or two ago me and few buddies decided to start our own Semi-Vanilla Survival server it has a few mods mostly for Quality of life and to spice things up a little bit. after playing for awhile and bringing a few of our buddies along to the server we realized that as we kept getting a few more peeps that it was nice having new faces around so we spent about a week trying to make the server open to the public by setting up a discord and a proper spawn location. so we
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☠ REALBUBBAMC ☠ VERSION 2.0! 🏰OLD-SCHOOL Factions📊mcMMO💥Perfect PvP/Raid

Thanks for checking out... ☠️REALBUBBA☠️ ⚔️OLD-SCHOOL FACTIONS⚔️ ~ SERVER IP: realbubba.com ~ ~ Discord link: discord.gg/realbubba ~ MAP 1 START:Jan 27th, 2023 Java 1.8-1.16.4. For the best experience, please use Minecraft version 1.8.8 🏰Factions📊mcMMO 🌟Premium raiding/PvP server🌟 🎯Bounties 💰PlayerShops 🗡️Duels 💥DAILY KOTH⚔️24/7 Outposts ================================================== NEVER BEFORE SEEN FEATURES IN FACTIONS ⚡Massive loot-able PvP arenas⚡ ⛔NO Donator advantages
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PLAYERS: 0/420


an anarchy server with hacks allowed! its also survival server and it has a village and a ravine at spawn the recomended hack client is wurst Minecraft 1.16.4 Wurst Hacked Client Downloads - WurstClient.net the server is for 1.16+ have fun! and btw if you join and your in a random lobby what you do is type /join anarchelm in chat then leave and join back until your on a survival server
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a greek smp/survival server version 1.16.5 1.16.4 1.16.3 1.16.2 1.16.1 1.16 1.16.x please join the youtubers with 100=subs will get stuff this is my channel btw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSgeRZeSD7Dw7kNng20nc4g thank y o u i know i am a small server
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[NEW & 1.16.4] Pedestria

Pedestria Network [​JUST RELEASED!] Pedestria Network is a Survival server for Minecraft Java + Bedrock running on 1.16.4 Creative & BuildBattles releases Saturday the 8th at 3 EST Initial Release Date: JUST RELEASED! Current Gamemodes: Survival Bedrock IP: bedrock.pedestriamc.com Survival Features =============== - Claims - Warps - Quests - Spawners - Cities - Shop - PVP - Crates - Fly - Much more! Creative (COMING SOON!) Features =============== - BuildBattles - Plot Worl
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MWL 1.16.4 Survival

Welcome to MC 1.16.4 Survival Classic Server! Server features: Minecraft 1.16 survival world Economy / Shops / Auctions Daily rewardsAutorank Pets TrailsCratesTagsCustom headsCustom EnchantmentsLand protection (golden shovel) Random teleporter Non-Pvp No banned items Welcome!
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SMP Skedgy

SMP Skedgy is a whitelisted 1.16.4 vanilla survival server made for small streamers. If you want to start collaborating with other small streamers or even just need content to stream, then this is the place for you. What do I need to join? We accept all Twitch streamers, no matter how big or small, as long as you agree to stream as much as you can while online on the SMP. We accept other streaming platforms too, but we dont recommend streaming anywhere other than Twitch. You do not need to be a
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Discord: https://discord.gg/8GshJyQzb3 Server IP: mc.bitmania.de Version: 1.16.4 Reddit: Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BitmaniaMC/ We are a small and friendly group of old and new Minecraft players who like to play and hang out together. Our world is on a private server with a small community of nice people, founded in January 2019 by a small group of friends who met online. This server is gonna last for a long time. We have players of all ages, most of them 16+ coming from Eur
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Salty Universe

Salty Universe is a minecraft skyblock server, and has plans to expand out to survival and prison in the future! Server version: 1.16.4 - 1.19 server IP: saltyuniverse.net discord: discord.gg/FYQawDJ
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Rubia Factions

Rubia Factions! 1.16.4 Brand new faction server come help out and have some fun NO free stuff
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Domille's Wondrous World

This is a small, friendly Minecraft server that is constantly updated and maintained. Semi-Vanilla Survival, PC, Java, 1.16.4. Craftbook, Armor Stands, Server Economy. There are several gaming districts, a safe nether hub area, and an overworld market area. The server is on whitelist and no resets. The server is maintained and updated regularly. Please join our Discord and drop your Minecraft name in the Minecraft channel so I could whitelist you! discord.gg/tY8fEZg
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