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WineSpigot 1.8.8

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UniquinPvP is a 1.8.8 factions server looking to bring back the nostalgic feeling from original factions. We have included some newer plugins to assist with mundane tasks such as Gen Buckets for base building. Additionally, we aim to provide a clean experience without all the extra plugins so you can focus on the core aspect of factions.

Some of our server features include,

- Mineable Spawners
- Stackable Spawners
- Auction House
- Vote Rewards
- Sell Wands
- Version 1.8-1.19.4
- Referral System
- Premium Anticheat
- No Wither Raiding
- Trade System
- Gen Buckets
- Chunk Busters

We look forward to you joining our community!


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What is the Server IP for Uniquin-PvP?

The IP for the Uniquin-PvP is: play.uniquin-pvp.com

What Game modes can I play on Uniquin-PvP?

On Uniquin-PvP you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Uniquin-PvP server support?

Uniquin-PvP currently supports versions: WineSpigot 1.8.8