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IP Address file_copy fiber_manual_record
Players 2/0 (expand_more)
Owner TribesWarfare

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Full Guide: Tribes Discovery is a Minecraft PvE Server created by Hatec, theguynextdoor and MacroPheliac as the successor to an old Minecraft server called Tribes & Trades. Tribes Discovery strives to create a server with a permanent map with mixed semi-RP elements, with PvE, Player Shops, Admin Shops, Events, and being able to create great tribes, guilds, cities and structures for people to discover. Tribes Discovery runs on custom plugins which offer tribe protection, levelling up, classes, and more! It also runs Runecraft, FastCraft and a virtual currency based on Iron, gold, diamond and much more. Join us and form your own tribe!


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What is the Server IP for Tribes Discovery?

The IP for the Tribes Discovery is:

What Game modes can I play on the Tribes Discovery?

On Tribes Discovery you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Tribes Discovery server support?

Tribes Discovery currently supports versions: