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Address: s1.hosthorde.com Owner: Arima Last ping: 23 hours ago Last sucessfull ping: 74 days ago Uptime this month: 0% Version:
Website: http://www.http://tokyoghoulrebellion.enjin.com/home
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxvYMHKyEKk

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「Ƭokyo Ghoul :ℛebellion」 Tokyo Ghoul :Rebellion is a roleplay based Minecraft server which aims to resemble the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul. The server revolves around roleplay, however there are well built arenas in which you can fight your friends for fun! There is a large variety in which you can choose from to do on the server. You can apply for your OC (Original Character) on the forums to roleplay as! If you think your RP skills are sharp enough to roleplay as a certain canon character, you also can apply for canon characters to boost your roleplaying experience! We as a community are people who love to roleplay, especially Tokyo Ghoul. Current Features Include: ♣ Open world to Roleplay in with features from the story ♣ Kagune and Quinques, all custom and well made ♣ Organized Rank-Up and Kakuja systems ♣ Many more features you'll have to join to see! Website: « http://tokyoghoulrebellion.enjin.com »


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