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Hello everyone! so about a week or two ago me and few buddies decided to start our own Semi-Vanilla Survival server it has a few mods mostly for Quality of life and to spice things up a little bit. after playing for awhile and bringing a few of our buddies along to the server we realized that as we kept getting a few more peeps that it was nice having new faces around so we spent about a week trying to make the server open to the public by setting up a discord and a proper spawn location. so we are glad to announce now that we are opening our server doors to everyone else! we are a Forge 1.16.4 java server and inside the discord you will find all the required mods that you need in order to get on. if you're wanting a vanilla-ish server with some spice that is fairly new you're more than welcome to come join us!


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What is the Server IP for SailorsParadise?

The IP for the SailorsParadise is:

What Game modes can I play on SailorsParadise?

On SailorsParadise you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the SailorsParadise server support?

SailorsParadise currently supports versions: 1.7.10