Rising Dawn Network


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IP Address play.risingdawn.fun:25587 file_copy fiber_manual_record
Players 3/200 (expand_more)
Version 1.19
Owner optimus
Website https://www.risingdawn.fun/

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NOTICE: Votes will automatically be sent to the Survival server; if it fails, it will fallback to the Minigames server.The Rising Dawn Network is a small collection of various gamemodes built for the "Village & Pillage" Update, but now we have converted to 1.15.2 on both the Minigames and Survival servers (HardcorePlus is proving difficult)We have a combination of fun minigames and gamemodes including (but not limited to):Phineapoo's "Phamily Maze"Phineapoo's "Phamily Karts" (a Mario-Kart -style minigame, built by fans of Phineapoo)PvE Survival (located at survival.risingdawn.fun)Creative PlotsUniqueImpact's Obstacle Course 2 (parkour map)HardcorePlus (will NOT be banned upon death - located at hardcore.risingdawn.fun)We also have plans to incorporate modified versions of these:UHC (UltraHardcore - the minigame)Death Swap (created by SethBling*, recreated by Maximus3-141*, showcased by CaptainSparklez & Logdotzip)Bed Wars (a scoreboard version, similar to that thereof on the Hypixel Network*)As well as a new type of gamemode:Minecraft: Escape RoomNotable Plugins:PlotSquaredSkriptMineableSpawnersEssentialsXGriefPreventionNon-Specific OdysseyDiscordSRVRacing (for "Phamily Karts")Phineabot (Discord bot developed in Skript by TobyMinceraft)For more information about the server, view here:- Website: https://www.risingdawn.fun- Discord: https://discord.risingdawn.fun- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeT5HVz043VnzlJJ8J9IiNAOwnerTobyMinceraftCo-OwnerPhineapooLead AdminPappyPandaDev TeamTarluin (former dev of server WoodenAxe)Ninja_Man_0722 (creator of Decrafter)Sil3ntWxlf (Mojang Community Partner)Darktornado23YouTubersPhineapooEffect2oCopperSnakeYTnightwolfgaming2Minigame HubDesigned by Faragilus (playman)Download: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/factions-server-spawn-with-download-3558606/* DISCLAIMER:The Rising Dawn Network is not affiliated with Mojang AB (the copyright holders of Minecraft), Microsoft, Hypixel Network (the creators of the Bed Wars minigame), Maximus3-141, SethBling, or Faragilus.The Rising Dawn Network servers are proudly hosted on SparkedHost.Website: ´╗┐https://sparkedhost.comDiscord: https://discord.gg/sparked


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What is the Server IP for Rising Dawn Network?

The IP for the Rising Dawn Network is: play.risingdawn.fun

What Game modes can I play on the Rising Dawn Network?

On Rising Dawn Network you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Rising Dawn Network server support?

Rising Dawn Network currently supports versions: 1.19