Right To Rebel FTB Infinity Lite

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Address: Owner: righttorebel Last ping: 5 minutes ago Last sucessfull ping: 5 minutes ago Uptime this month: 98.9% Version: 1.10.2
Website: http://righttorebel.net

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The rTr Community is hosting FTB Infinity Lite. The server is a MATURE server, however, everyone is welcome. 18+ Preferred. The main rule is to respect each other and have fun. So if you're into discovering hidden magical secrets, constructing factories, making the most awe-inspiring builds with an active mature community, this is the place for you! Advance through numerous titles and gain numerous homes/personal anchors for chunk loading. Discover monuments that have hidden treasures. Our events are run by Admins and Moderators in order to get the community more engaged with each other. Join us on Teamspeak at ts.righttorebel.net ------------ Rules ------------ 1 - No griefing, Duping, Hacking, or exploiting. 2 - No Quarrying in the Main World/Secondary Build World. You may Quarry in The End, The Nether, The Deep Dark, and the Super Flat Mining World. 3 - All rTr Members are required to be on Teamspeak while on an RtR server. 4 - Racist, sexist, xenophobic, and other offensive speech will not be tolerated. 5 - Gifting technology & game breaking items is highly frowned upon(All Staff will discourage it and will confiscate items if deemed necessary). 6 - No AFK devices. A 3 strike system is applied to this. 7 - No hack-usations. 8 - No visual diarrhea. This includes ugly block towers and leaving explosions everywhere. 9 - No non-consensual PvP. No Holy Wars. ------------ FAQ ------------ Q: Are you ever going to wipe the server? A: All server wipes will be announced before they happen. No sudden wipes! Q: My other server just disappeared - admin quit, or didn't pay bills. Will this happen here? A: Nope! We are on private hardware, and are in it for the long haul. Q: We've experienced admin abuse of items and other things on other unofficial, will this happen here? A: Absolutely not. Our Admins have extensive experience in being fair. Now - its worth saying : If you repeatedly break the rules, we will not hesitate to enforce them. Q: How do I join the server? A: Install the Curse Launcher, download and play the most up-to-date version of FTB Inifnity Lite, and join us at


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