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We are a survival bucket sever, we have mods that help us run the game smoother and easier, but normal players will play the game as intended. we are looking for staff, which must be of the age 18 or older absolutely no exceptions we will have a donation setup allowing you to buy items, ranks etc. be aware this is a straight survival server, we do have some rules which will be posted in game and on our website which will be posted at a later date. please come join us for a good ol' rabbid time. If youve read this far then be aware we are really desperately looking for staff, of all time zones and gender... age is still a restriction, please the youngest we can go for admin is 17, the youngest we can go for mod is 14. our third owner must be at least 19 or older. we will not bend the rules any further. you may contact us at [email protected] or on the server directly if we are on. or send me a message on here. we will have a website and youtube channel up shortly so keep an eye out for that


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