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This server is a roleplay server spanning back 2 years, with a whole universe of its own, and weekly improv lore days (Mainly saturday and sunday being as a lot of people have school in the week).

This server is made for mature people who follow the rules, so if you're not going to follow them then don't join the server.

To access the minecraft server you need to join the discord and get whitelisted.

We invite writers for lore for our server and welcome all who wish to contribute with writing

If you join the discord and you ask to be whitelisted and aren't answered, please wait: the moderators might not be on, but don't worry, you will be whitelisted soon.

Also, we're a generally small community, so don't worry about this server being a massive 300 player server with bots moderating everything and a server with 40 people on at all times. What we are is a medium sized community with an interactive and active playerbase and staff team.

We'd love it if you joined and played along with us!

Finally, we might only have a free server but that's not because we're a group of 12 year olds wanting to play minecraft on our cheesy ipads covered in cheeto dust, but because we don't have the funds for a dedicated server.


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The IP for the Prima SMP Vanilla Lore Community! is:

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On Prima SMP Vanilla Lore Community! you can enjoy the following game modes:

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