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Paper 1.20.1

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Welcome to Ouroborion, a vast, colorful world full of adventure ready to be explored! What part will you play in shaping this brand new world?

Play your part in shaping this vast, open world map. With five nations to choose from, team up with others and support your Nation. Discover the secrets of the Ouroborion tower, and the magic it now seeps into the world beyond.

Map and Plugins
Our custom designed 16,000 x 16,000 map is packed full of countless new biomes and natural, unexplored terrain. Enhance your gameplay experience with popular and finely tuned plugins like Brewery, Contracts, Lands, MMOCore, MythicMobs, PhatLoots, QuickShop and more. We’re a growing community, and are always adapting to new changes and gameplay styles and open to incorporating any number of new and exciting experiences.

Nations and Towns
Ouroborion comprises five nations for you to build up and develop together. With fully built livable capitals, towns to set up, and wars to wage, you decide what role you want to play. All towns are player owned, constructed and governed. They are fully protected from outsiders and have strict protections against unwanted PvP, or open your gates and welcome the combat if you so choose!

Economy, Market & Banking
No world would be complete without a player run economy. Using the flexibility of QuickShop, merchants can ply their wares across all of Ouroborion. Get into character with currency, banks, contracts, and more! If you’re interested, find other ways to make a living. Accept bounties or small jobs with our Contracts plugin. Get fully immersed with our living, player-run world, where bandits run wild and hired protection is an agreement away.

RPG and PvE
RPG Skills and MMOCore lets players choose several paths to follow in their character’s development, all with their own benefits and advantages. Beware! This world is packed full with custom mobs and perilous locations - from the untamed wilderness between nations, or dungeons full of custom loot. It’s yours for the taking, if you have the skill to claim it!

Start your journey right - consider joining our Discord. As the hub of our community, you’ll find the latest news, events, forums, lore pieces, and official nation channels. Join us today: https://discord.gg/erqjjqh6ca

Your journey starts here!

Map purchased from AquaLessPantsu and edited by the Ouroborion build team.


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What is the Server IP for Ouroborion?

The IP for the Ouroborion is: Ouroborion.mc.gg

What Game modes can I play on Ouroborion?

On Ouroborion you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Ouroborion server support?

Ouroborion currently supports versions: Paper 1.20.1