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Paper 1.21

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TL;DR at the bottom for those who don't want to read the entire post!

Koinotita Gaming is an online community, originally known as FXGaming, which started off as a server on Garry's Mod. Originally this server was for the community to play on and then it was opened to the public for more players.

The phrase 'koinotita' is Greek for community. We are one big community. Like a family. Many players who join and stay have had good things to say about us.

Main Features:
Discord Server (Chat with people in game from Discord)
Our Forums (Fully Programmed by Owner)
Donator Rank (Help keep our server running and receive exclusive features)
Vote Rewards (Vote for our server and receive keys to open loot crates!)
Server Economy
Land Claims
Server Events
Discord Giveaways

Standout Features:
Not a P2W (pay-to-win) Server
Mature, Active Staff Team
Automated Backups
Grief Recovery
20 TPS Average
99% Server Uptime (Only restarts to update plugins)

Server Info:
IP: KG.ryan-simms.com
Version: 1.19.3

TL;DR - We want a nice community of active players who will be chill and play Minecraft together, somewhere people can go to chat and play. We have a nice Discord already with 200+ members. Look at the bullet points to see our features. The server is constantly being updated and we are adding ideas to improve the server, feedback is welcome via our forums! Come join us!


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What is the Server IP for Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks]?

The IP for the Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks] is: KG.ryan-simms.com

What Game modes can I play on Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks]?

On Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks] you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks] server support?

Koinotita Gaming - Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks] currently supports versions: Paper 1.21