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Dying Is a Habit
Surviving is a Skill

HabitsSmp is a fun smp for all players to Join! we have many features to create a fun yet challenging experience for you with a already formed group of friends on the server there is always space for more :)
Created recently we want to grow our server and add more fun features to the server.
Our server contains a more challenging environment with enchanced/Stronger mobs to battle with and custom mobs that you will bump into on your travels through the lands.
Players will be rewarded for votes with a pinata party where you can gain rewards for yourself and yourfriends

About Our Rules
Our server is a friendly yet competitive place. we do not allow
-xray/any form of unfair advantage
-over the top toxicity
-spamming (purposely trying to annoy others)
However we understand that jokes are jokes and will not be overly Strict so players can still have fun without worrying about being unfairly banned :) <3
Any Ban or reporting a player can be done in our 100+ player discord privately <3

- Party chat
- tpa/sethomes
- Custom mobs
- pinata rewards

Future Plans
-Custom enchants
-custom nether/end
-skull heads/pets

Join OUR DISCORD AT : discord.gg/2yW9rFhEvF



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What is the Server IP for HabitsSmp-(New Server)-(Smp) (Discord)?

The IP for the HabitsSmp-(New Server)-(Smp) (Discord) is:

What Game modes can I play on HabitsSmp-(New Server)-(Smp) (Discord)?

On HabitsSmp-(New Server)-(Smp) (Discord) you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the HabitsSmp-(New Server)-(Smp) (Discord) server support?

HabitsSmp-(New Server)-(Smp) (Discord) currently supports versions: 1.16.5