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A brand new server looking for its first batch of mature players and staff! We're a small, tight community focused more on having a good time than on competition. We won't tolerate griefing, harassment, hacking, or abuse of any of our members. Join Gamercraft if you're looking to be part of a close, friendly community. If you're merely looking to indulge yourself at the expense of others, please look elsewhere. Thanks! :) We have custom terrain over the WHOLE server with custom dungeons! WE HAVE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ReNtcTX (You don't need to join discord to be on the server though!) We're still in beta, so new plugins will be added and changes will be made. Future planned features include: +Instead of a traditional economy system, points/currency will be awarded by playtime. These points can be used to set and travel to homes, fly for brief periods, disable pvp, create towns, set nicknames, purchase unique items, and other features! (partially implemented) +Daily login rewards that increase with consecutive days +MCMMO +Automatic rankings based on play time and achievement (already partially implemented) +And other cool perks Join early to help field test these systems as they emerge! I hope to see you there!


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