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Welcome to the Fortune Craft Network!

Fortune Craft is a place where others can play together, create amazing memories and have fun all at the same time with a variety of game modes ranging from: Survival, SkyWars and Creative - the choice is truly yours!

To emphasise our commitment to community and an active player base we even have Bedrock Support which allows both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition Players to play in the exact same world, on the exact same server, at the exact same time! This includes the ability to play on your: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and also PC!

The Fortune Craft Network is proudly ran by Streamer and YouTuber - PhuzzyBond. Who strives for a Family Friendly environment where players of all ages can enjoy games together at once, and our Fortune Mods goal is to maintain that and keep the experience great for all!

We have an active community over on Discord with over 16K Members where you can stay up to date on Updates, Announcements, Server Maintenance, Creative Competitions and even chat directly from Discord to people playing at the time!

When it comes to performance that is our highest priority to make sure everything runs smooth like butter, and thanks to our partnership with DedicatedMC we can do that with a secluded Dedicated Box used purely for the Network itself!

Active updates and custom plugins make Fortune Craft a truly unique experience that differs from any Server you've played before, and a purely vanilla based Survival Server to mix both regular Vanilla and a slightly modded experience creates the perfect balance to make it the most enjoyable Survival Experience you've had thus far!

Now what are you waiting for?... Join FortuneCraft today and delve deep into what the Network holds for you!

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What is the Server IP for Fortune Craft?

The IP for the Fortune Craft is:

What Game modes can I play on Fortune Craft?

On Fortune Craft you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the Fortune Craft server support?

Fortune Craft currently supports versions: 1.20.4