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Welcome to "All the Mods: Volcano Block," a fiery and adventurous modpack that combines the essence of 1.12 Volcano Block with the innovative spirit of the To the Sky series. Embark on a journey into a world of blazing possibilities where molten landscapes and new challenges await!

Dive into the heart of the Volcano Block experience as you explore a completely customized world generation, featuring Fireproof Boats that will take you through the fire-filled ocean and unveil a plethora of custom structures. Take a nostalgic trip back to the early days of modded Minecraft with the inclusion of IC2Classic and delight in custom generators brought to you by Generators Galore.

The excitement doesn't end there! With over 500 quests in the full questbook, your adventure in Volcano Block will be filled with endless content. From guiding you through the early game to achieving 100% completion on your achievement board in the late game, this pack has it all.

We believe in the importance of choice, and that's why Volcano Block offers multiple resource paths. Say goodbye to being confined to sieving, as we open up various resource generation types as you progress through the modpack. From Ex Machinis, our in-house automation mod for ex nihilo, to Mystical Agriculture and Resource Chickens, and even the advanced void miners from Occultism and Industrial Foregoing, you'll have ample options to obtain valuable resources.

In the spirit of the To the Sky series, we are committed to keeping the quality high by continuously adding new mods and carefully removing others to freshen up the experience while preserving the essence that makes this series exceptional.

Now, does "All The Mods" truly contain ALL THE MODS? Of course not. However, what it does contain is an extraordinary collection of hand-picked and thoroughly tested mods that form the foundation of the Volcano Block adventure.

Are you ready to embrace the scorching challenges of "All the Mods: Volcano Block" and set forth on an unforgettable Minecraft journey? Join us now and experience a world where molten creativity knows no bounds!


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