ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg]


Server details

IP Address play.endcraft.net file_copy fiber_manual_record
Players 4/10 (expand_more)
Version 1.8
Owner optimus

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[NOTICE] THE SERVER IS NOT OFFLINE. IT APPEARS OFFLINE TO PMC BECAUSE PMC DOES NOT SUPPORT 1.7 PINGS YET.YOU WILL BE ABLE TO JOIN THE SERVER FINEEndcraft.net - A server with PVP, KitPVP, Guns, Elemental swords, Ranks available by killing monsters, and more! We are a small survival server with a good community.Our KitPVP server came out today, it currently has guns, elemental swords, emeralds as money, over 10 kits available, free horses spawnable instantly, and lots more!


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What is the Server IP for ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg]?

The IP for the ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg] is: play.endcraft.net

What Game modes can I play on the ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg]?

On ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg] you can enjoy the following game modes:

What versions does the ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg] server support?

ENDCRAFT.NET!![1.7] \Minigames server// [OTIC] [Parkour] [TNTRun] [Spleeg] currently supports versions: 1.8