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Website: http://test.voidswrath.com/voidlauncher/

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==================================== For Crazy Craft 3 use: cc3.chilliserver.com We brought up a server with all the mods installed, we cant promise you will have the full crazycraft experience that Voidswrath intended and we strongly urge you to go on their servers when they are ready. This is purely for fun!! ==================================== Crazy Craft 2 Server Hello people, we noticed that we were getting lots of searches for "crazy craft" to our server list, and after a bit of time searching we found that it was not easy to find a public crazy craft server that was actually online, so we decided to bring up a small crazy craft server. We are running the 2.2 Mod pack and the launcher can be found at http://test.voidswrath.com/voidlauncher/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR THE DOWNLOAD LINK And of course if you run your own crazy craft server please list it with us. ABOUT THE SERVER We always like players to have as much fun as possible on our servers and we know a lot of crazy craft servers out there ban a lot of items. We dont ban anything !, however we do restrict certain items and mobs to certain worlds, this is to ensure server performance and your multiplayer crazycraft server experience is the best it can be. GETTING STARTED When you get there its easy to get overwhelemed by the fact that most players are running around with overpowered crazy craft items, like Queen armour etc. Dont worry ! Its easy to get started on our server. You start with a set of emerald armour and sword, food, Enchanted apples and decent tools. And other players often donate nice items. You should probably start by voting using the big VOTE button at the top of this page. This will give you 7 Lucky blocks and 3000 Chillis (in Game Money). If your Lucky !, you may receive any number of bonuses such as Nice Armour, weapons, chicken chests and even the NUTTER donator rank. So vote daily the rewards are worth it. Lucky blocks can be opened at /warp Lucky where we have a huge griefable city map you can go wild in. Doing /warp will give you a list of other public warps you can travel to. The first warp you should probably visit is the safe mining world go deep into the pit for Titanium and Uranium and even the stuff to craft your own Chicken Chest. You can do /shop so you can buy a bird egg cheap so you can get that first Fly morph. When your ready simply head out to /warp wilds1 to begin your crazy craft adventure. Fly far far away. This is a factions server ! We also have a survival crazy craft server with protections we do however ban a few more items from the main world on this server in order to protect player builds as some of the crazy craft items can bypass protections. However you can still use all the items on other worlds. Hope to see you there you have fun.


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