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Address: play.broscraft.com Owner: Respects Last ping: 13 hours ago Last sucessfull ping: 13 hours ago Uptime this month: 100% Version: 1.16.4
Website: http://broscraft.com

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Welcome to BrosCraft, this server is made to make those new to minecraft have a great time playing it with a fun community made for making friends and or playing with friends! To Do This, we have created a survival background to our server that allows for users to protect their houses with the good use of a plugin known as Residence and many other things. Features: - Residence(Land protection Plugin) - 1.7 Enchanting (Harder to get good stuff) - Floating Island Spawn - God apples Banned (Makes PvP Fair) - Lockette(Chest Protection) - Good Staff (Always willing to help) - Ranks - 80 Slots for players all across the world Warps: /warp ResGuide (Land protection Guide) /warp market (Admin Shop) /warp Wilderness (where you can build and protect land) Events: - TreasureHunt (Mining for chests) - Wipeout (Parkour) - LuckyBro (Test Your Luck as blocks disappear from below you) - GrassRace Server: - hosted in France - 3GB RAM - E5-1650v2 - 1Gbps Uplink - DDOS Protection


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