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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minecraft prison servers. Here is why we stand out among the rest of the servers on this server list, and why joining us is your next great adventure: 🔒 Epic Prison Gameplay: Master our unique prison world, advancing through ranks with our rewarding Prestige System. Every block mined is a step towards greatness. 🛍️ Dynamic M
PLAYERS: 918/1000


Netherite is an innovative, qualitative, and unique Minecraft Network focused on the game modes SMP, Lifesteal, and Skyblock. The network strives towards prospering in every area of the Minecraft space. Our objective is to deliver the most enjoyable gaming experience.
PLAYERS: 1414/2024


Craftadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before! Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay. With every 3 votes on Craftadia, you'll be given a special vote key that you can use to unlock rare and exciting items! We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming, guilds and so muc
PLAYERS: 74/500

warriorcraft [pvp] [smp] [bukkit]

please donate carlomitzaxo.forumtl.com for more infoAdditional Notesthis is our server with great players!
PLAYERS: 223/920

ReinoMC Networck

Red ReinoMCUna red recientemente creada, con la finalidad de vivir una experiencia única entre streamers y sus comunidades, es pública 24/7, aseguramos diversión y jugabilidad sin lag, contamos con un spawn en el cual tenemos una serie de warps en los que se realizan eventos constantes, como guerra de clanes, duelos 1v1, paintball, una zona de carreras de obstáculos, piñatas, todo dentro de la modalidad Survival Vanilla. Por el momento es eso, una que otra cosa más, pero ya te toca averiguar:p
PLAYERS: 15/50

VoiceChat Server Play.Airforce

Airforce Anarchy is a 9-year old Minecraft server with no moderation, supporting both Java and Bedrock versions, and welcoming cracked and premium players. It features 24/7 live streaming of player activities and has a voice chat server at ip: voicechat.play.airforce.
PLAYERS: 3/2000


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Server IP: play.norcrascraft.com Server Version: Java 1.20.1 (ViaVersion installed) Website: https://norcrascraft.com Discord: https://discord.gg/jf78nGScDc -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Join us in NorcrasCraft for a Survival Multiplayer Adventure! • Claim your land and protect your builds/items. Allow others to work with you on your builds! • In-Game and Donator Ranks which bestow permissions and other benefits! • Custom Crops
PLAYERS: 0/100

Orchid SMP (Cross Platform) (No Whitelist!)

Orchid SMP is a vanilla survival server that has just recently launched! (Jan 12 2024) there is already a strong community of players and plenty of fun projects being built! the goal is to give players a place to build amazing creations and make friends! The server is also extremely fast. You spawn on a island take a boat and head out, after a long boat ride you can start building! We have a strong moderation team and advanced logging so your builds will be protected and griefers / thief's
PLAYERS: 2/999

ComparatorCraftSMP - A hermitcraft like server!

♦️ ComparatorCraftSMP ♦️ Website: [​u][​color=#3598db]https://comparatorcraftsmp.net[​/color][​/u] Discord To Apply In: [​u][​color=#3598db]https://discord.gg/vQ4K4AwJGd[​/color][​/u] Dynmap: https://map.comparatorcraftsmp.net Statistics: [​u][​style b size=16px color=#3598db]https://plan.comparatorcraftsmp.net/server/Server%201#tab-server-overview[​/style][​/u] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE'VE JUST UPDATED TO 1.18 AND THE SER

Orca Creative 1.19.x

Orca Creative has been operated for more than 6 years and has had no world resets!!! Synopsis OrcaCreative, as you might imagine, is a creative server. Our focus centers around a building community and we have multiple worlds to facilitate this. This server is not a plot server, plots are only used for contests. WorldEdit is available to all members throughout the creative worlds. In addition, our atmosphere is family-friendly, no rude posting allowed. Worlds [​Spawn] - Starting world, comple

Knockturn Networks - Dark Sorcery of Harry Potter & Hogwarts - 1.19.4

JOIN WITH 1.19.4!   Knockturn Networks prides itself on having a mostly custom plugin server. In addition to a map built by our own builders, many of the plugins on the server are unique, and therefore impossible to find in other servers. We have a multi-server environment that currently has Hogwarts, Towny, and Skyblocks, and various other fun activities to keep you occupied. We are a free-to-play server and follow the E.U.L.A. closely, and believe there is no such thing as pay-to-win, our sm
PLAYERS: 0/200


FACTIONS FACTIONS FACTIONS FACTIONS FACTIONS FACTIONS FACTIONS We are a low faction server based on elements as kits, we are looking for people who are loving the faction series as we do. When Voting Please assure that you are in the Server at time you send the vote.
PLAYERS: 0/160

TaylorCraft : Survival, Creative, Kitpvp, Factions + More

Server IP: mc.taylorcraft.netWebsite: www.taylorcraft.net This is TaylorCraft, a network of dedicated Minecraft servers. We run survival, creative, kitpvp and factions. We are a small but strong community. The server is moderated by a staff team built over many years of the servers creation, some staff members dating back to over half a decade! We use many different plugins, but one of which that makes survival particularly special is our economy. Users are able to make money, trade and use
PLAYERS: 0/999


ScorchedPvP- [Version 1.8.8 - 1.12] [Ranks] [Custom-Enchants] [McMMO] [Economy] We Have a growing Community, and helpful Staff. Join us us today. We currently have the following things on our network: - Factions - McMMO - Warzone - Economy - Crates - Custom Enchants - Gkits - Well Designed Kits - Occasional Drop-Partys


RazorCraftPixelmon is a friendly Reforged Lightly Modded pixelmon server with a NON P2W experience for all players and rewards everyone with in server events to boost everyone's playing experience. We have Enconomy plugins and much more with the light modding done to the server but We strive to provide the best possible playing atmosphere along with taking everyone's suggestions and ideas into account. We have Shiny Starters and Ev Training and power leveling areas for all players and currently

Force Frenzy Lifesteal

Welcome to Force Frenzy Lifesteal 🌟 About Us: Force Frenzy Lifesteal is an Fun Minecraft server that brings a unique plugins to the Lifesteal experience. ⚔️ Lifesteal Feature: Kill to get hearts, or get killed and lose hearts!
PLAYERS: 0/150

creatorcraft real ip in desc

please come great server looking for some staff we have hardcore pvp and survival try to be the last one standing

Among us in Minecraft

Join in the first public Minecraft Among Us server! Play as the imposter or a crewmate. Complete tasks and win! We have some amazing news for everyone! Performium has launched the first public Minecraft among us server, and if you don't know our server IP is amongus.Performium.net This game mode has been inspired by multiple aspects of the game and community suggestions. We have recreated all of the tasks in our own fun way that we are sure you will love. The best part is there is no queue, so
PLAYERS: 330/3999