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Purple Prison (#1 Sponsored Server)

RATED BEST MINECRAFT SERVER 2023 Our server is no doubt one of the best Minecraft servers to ever exist, to show you what we mean, here is a list of things we provide above other servers to show you why we are the best: CUSTOM PLUGINS - MINING TOKENS AND LARGE TOKEN SHOP! FREQUENT DROPPARTIES - EVERY 30 VOTES! CUSTOM RANKUP REWARDS! CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATED LOOT! PLOT SHOPS SO YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN IN-GAME SHOP! AMAZING HIT DETECTION AND NO LAGG VERY WELL BALANCED ECONOMY REGUL
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PLAYERS: 486/1000

The Enderman Society ┊Hermitcraft-like Semi Vanilla SMP ┊JAVA 1.19.2 ┊Seaso

Welcome to The Enderman Society MC! We launched Season 4 on the 7th of October 2022! We are driven to provide a friendly, engaging and fair Minecraft community for everyone. Our server is intended to be a place to have fun alone or with your friends.We are a Minecraft semi-vanilla server with a friendly community, districts and big projects in mind. We aim to offer a true-to vanilla survival experience, adding a few quality of life vanilla-tweaks. Friendly & helpful community with over 20
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The NutSMP! [BRAND NEW!] [Hermitcraft-like] [SMP] [Whitelisted]

Are you on the hunt for a fun and welcoming SMP? Well, you've found the right place. Whether you're more technical, into redstone, or love creating majestic builds, you're bound to find the right thing for you on NutSMP. We are heavily inspired by hermitcraft and their community as a whole. We have datapacks that enrich the vanilla experience. Our map is divided into 10 distinct districts, similar to Hermitcraft Season 6. Each one of these has a distinct style that the player has to build in. Yo
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ComparatorCraftSMP - A hermitcraft like server!

♦️ ComparatorCraftSMP ♦️ Website: [​u][​color=#3598db]https://comparatorcraftsmp.net[​/color][​/u] Discord To Apply In: [​u][​color=#3598db]https://discord.gg/vQ4K4AwJGd[​/color][​/u] Dynmap: https://map.comparatorcraftsmp.net Statistics: [​u][​style b size=16px color=#3598db]https://plan.comparatorcraftsmp.net/server/Server%201#tab-server-overview[​/style][​/u] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE'VE JUST UPDATED TO 1.18 AND THE SER
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Farlands SMP

Welcome to Farlands SMP A hermitcraft-inspired Minecraft server Vanilla Minecraft You want to get the full Minecraft experience or you have been tired by servers not running your farms? This is the place, where all vanilla farms and mechanics will work. We use a fabric based server that does not modify the vanilla gameplay at all. That also means, that we don't have any teleport mechanics. Just use the nether roof to your advantage. Just have fun Have you ever been annoyed by rules like "N
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A public SMP that is like Hermitcraft but also like the DreamSMP, with nations and wars but also a nice community (im hoping) and a shopping district somewhere in the world
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We are currently whitelisted! Join the Discord to find out more! :) ________________________________________________________________________ We are looking for players who are extremely community oriented, or even willing to be. The idea is to have a similar environment as the HermitCraft SMP server and be story driven like Dream SMP or the Stoneworks RP server, but with a little twist. There’s really no major inspiration from that other than community oriented building and interacting. This w
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TwistedCraft Season Two

Hello! Welcome to TwistedCraft Season Two; I'm Twisted, creator of TwistedCraft. TwistedCraft was born back in late 2020. I wanted to join a mature community running a hermitcraft style experience. Still, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find a vanilla SMP that wasn't a younger player-base, vanilla+, or frankly toxic. So with absolutely no prior experience in server management, I decided to make my own! To say it was a learning curve is quite the understatement, but learn I did. Season on
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Project SWAN- [Inspired by Hermitcraft] [Vanilla]

project swan - 'server without a name' ! [vanilla] [hermitcraft like experience] Java-Hosting ~16+ community Brand New! Hello there, my friend samp has started an Survival Server that is following the footsteps of Hermitcraft with a small active community of around 10 people for now. We're planning to have a couple more players join us and be a part of this amazing community. Our goal with this SMP is to make a community driven Survival Server which is heavily inspired by Hermitcraft. We're
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TravellersMC! Hermitcraft/Smp/Adventure/Survival

Ello Mates! Travellers MC is a Hermitcraft-Like SMP with mostly vanilla features! We have a very friendly and funny community as well as a helping staff team. Our main goal was to create a friendly community where people could just play with mates or make new ones. IF your thing is Redstone, Building, Exploration or Business. This is the server for you and hopefully with you, one step at a time we can create that friendly community. So hop on down to the Discord ( discord.gg/j7Th7eq4XS ) and
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RoyalSMP (1.19.2 Hermitcraft experience, Whitelisted)

We as a community are searching for more players that want to have a hermitcraft like experience. Bases, events, friends and most of all fun. We as a server are very community driven, decisions are voted on and you are a big part of where the server would be going. Everything is generally what you would expect a good SMP to be. So don't hesitate come and join! - Diamond based economy - No landclaim, trust based server - Ingame-chat connected to discord - Coreprotect to allow grief prevention
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This is a Discord server for our Hermitcraft-like server called ExWhyZeeSMP. If you like Minecraft but you want to survival with multiple people this is your go-to place. We have a great community. Everything is vanilla friendly. Just like Hermitcraft, we have a Shopping District, you can also build huge farms and make a Mega-Base! This is basically Hermitcraft but for non famous people! !Whitelist is in our Discord!
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Ghost SMP

We are a small hermit craft-like server who is looking to expand and grow like never before. with a diamond-based economy and shopping district. Just launched season 6 of Ghost SMP so now if the perfect time to join. Just like Hermitcraft, we use some datapacks for 1 player sleep, mob & player heads and for a co-ord hub. With that in mind we are a "Semi-Vanilla" Survival Server. The closest to Vanilla you'll get with anti-grief/stealing and server optimisations. We have no plugins that affect g
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